Romano Viazzani – Viazzani takes Stok


Romano Viazzani delves into the music of  his childhood accordion hero – Gigi Stok

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Romano Viazzani plays some of Gigi Stok`s greatest hits and a few less well-known gems on solo accordion.

  • Brioso (Stok)
  • Vecchi Ricordi (Stok)
  • L`Indiavolata (Armonica Indiavolata) (Stok)
  • L`Italiano a Parigi (Stok)
  • La Doccia (Capitani- arr. Stok)
  • Penombra (Stok)
  • Il Silenzio Fuori Ordinanza (Stok)
  • Tango Galliardo (Monica/Stok)
  • Cuore Vagabondo (Stok)
  • Doges City (Stok)
  • Signora Fisarmonica (Stok/Mussini)
  • Elettrico (Stok)

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