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Angie Lukins

Name: Angie Lukins

Phone number: 01895 235601

Chris Edmunds

Name: Chris Edmunds

Phone number: 0146073052

Clyde Johnston

Name: Clyde Johnston

Phone number: 02828 272258 or 07882 456880

Email Address:

Colin Burrows

Name: Colin Burrows

Phone number: 02476 382213

Craig Bradley

Name: Craig Bradley

Phone number: 0161 9720248

Craven School Of Music

Name: Harry Hinchcliffe

Phone number: 01535 653074 or 07749176827

Email Address:

Dawn Loombe

Name: Dawn Loombe

Phone number: 01223 881084

Email Address:

Ed Moseley

Name: Ed Moseley

Phone number: 07813 520 282

Eddie Pell

Name: Eddie Pell

Phone number: 01536 517268 or 07753 552348

Email Address:

Elaine Beecham

Name: Elaine Beecham

Phone number: 01206 866 615

Elisabeth Appelmelk

Name: Elisabeth Appelmelk

Phone number: 01453 759150

Email Address:

Elizabeth Sidebotham

Name: Elizabeth Sidebotham

Phone number: 01579 344340

Emma Field

Name: Emma Field

Phone number: 0747 931 9991

Gary Blair

Name: Gary Blair

Phone number: 0141 712594

Email Address:


146 Sandy Road

PA4 0Bx
Gennaro Fiondella

Name: Gennaro Fiondella

Phone number: 01903 202590 or 07970 303622

Email Address:

James Allgrove

Name: James Allgrove

Phone number: 01189676874

Jan Clark

Name: Jan Clark

Phone number: 07711 923203

Email Address:

Jean Hanger

Name: Jean Hanger

Phone number: 01279 432830 or 07737 522060

Email Address:

Joe Dobraszczyk

Name: Joe Dobraszczyk

Phone number: 07954 401686

John Gould

Name: John Gould

Phone number: 07792 685933

John Romero

Name: John Romero

Phone number: 01606 270148

Email Address:


39 Brooks Lane

CW10 0JG
John Slater

Name: John Slater

Phone number: 07984 621250

Email Address:

Julie North

Name: Julie North

Phone number: 07808 171378

Email Address:

Karina Fodden

Name: Karina Fodden

Phone number: 07572 880417

Email Address:

Kerrin Tatman

Name: Kerrin Tatman

Phone number: 07814 046205

Leslie Thompson

Name: Leslie Thompson

Phone number: 01803 862393

Lisa-Lee Leslie

Name: Lisa-lee Leslie

Phone number: 07880 593737

Email Address:

Louisa Huskison

Name: Louisa Huskison

Phone number: 07941 771742

Louise Dukes

Name: Louise Dukes

Phone number: 01305 767446 or 07917 730569

Maureen Penfold Phd, BA

Name: Maureen Penfold

Phone number: 01904 629392

Michael Irving ABCA (TD) LBCA

Name: Michael Irving

Phone number: 01228 544376

Morag Robertson

Name: Morag Robertson

Phone number: 01324 627100

Email Address:

Natalija Japerte

Name: Natalija Japerte

Phone number: 07818 556053

Email Address:

Nigel Pasby

Name: Nigel Pasby

Email Address:

Nigel Waterhouse

Name: Nigel Waterhouse

Phone number: 01422 844199 or 07768 344056

Email Address:

Nikolai Ryskov

Name: Nikolai Ryskov

Phone number: 0208 325 81 47 or 07846 777870

Owen Murray

Name: Owen Murray

Phone number: 07810 481384

Email Address: -

Paul Chamberlain

Name: Paul Chamberlain

Phone number: 07799 896050

Pauline Hardwick

Name: Pauline Hardwick

Phone number: 01782 397248

Email Address:

Pentland Accordion School

Name: David Mackenzie

Phone number: 01847 890566

Phillip Croft Dip.Mus (open)

Name: Phillip Croft

Phone number: 0114 236 3758

Email Address:

Raymond Jones

Name: Raymond Jones

Phone number: 01274 722099

Rene Mairis, Dr

Name: Rene Maris

Phone number: 01983 861322 or 07881 811757

Email Address:

Romano Viazzani

Name: Romano Viazzani

Phone number: 02084 234417

Email Address:

Rosemary Wright LTCL, A.Mus, LBCA(TD)

Name: Rosemary Wright

Phone number: 01162 777631


23 Skye Way

LE8 56TY
Sammie Catling

Name: Sammie Catling

Phone number: 01425 540952 or 07818 567842

Email Address:

Sandy Brechin

Name: Sandy Brechin

Phone number: 01314 666559 or 07831 253228

Shane Brogan

Name: Shane Brogan

Phone number: 07425 366058

Email Address:

Sheila Cooper

Name: Sheila Cooper

Phone number: 01252 341257

Email Address:

Shona Holmes

Name: Shona Holmes

Phone number: 07966 281970

Email Address:

Stefan Andrusyschyn

Name: Stefan Andrusyschyn

Phone number: 01782 909188 or 07958 261024

Sue Bennett Accordions

Name: Sue Bennett

Phone number: 07728 281313

Email Address:

Sue Coppard

Name: Sue Coppard

Phone number: 01225 866679

Email Address:

Teresa Hayward

Name: Teresa Hayward

Phone number: 01273 565613

Thom Hardaker

Name: Thom Hardaker

Phone number: 07736228951

Email Address:

Tony Compton

Name: Tony Compton

Phone number: 01702 341257

Email Address:

Tony Marchell

Name: Tony Marchell

Phone number: 01614 341378

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