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Accordion Lounge

Name: Martyn Hutchins

Phone number: 07533 930603 or 01299 269250

Email Address:

Phone number: 01698 844801

Email Address:

Name: Norman English

Phone number: 01651 851503

Accordions International

Phone number: Toll-Free 1-800-935-0013 or (801) 485-5840

Accordions Of London

Name: Jamie Lee Leslie

Phone number: 020 7624 9001 or 07850 061143

Email Address:
Acorn Instruments

Name: Pete Ward

Phone number: 01347 811 199 or 07479 189 023

Email Address:
Allodi Accordions Ltd

Name: Amellio Allodi

Phone number: 020 8244 3771

Email Address:
Birmingham Accordion Centre

Name: Rob Beecroft

Phone number: 0121 753 3709

Email Address:

131 Midland Street

B9 4DE
Black Diamond Accordions – UK

Name: Greg Dunn

Phone number: 01206 381521 or 07801 308054

Email Address:
Black Diamond Accordions – USA

Name: Amy Pittillo

Phone number: 714-709-3008

Email Address:
Celtic Chords

Name: Pete Murray

Phone number: 01569 763913

Email Address:
Edinburgh Accordion Studio

Phone number: 07815 741699

Email Address:
Hobgoblin (Brighton Branch)

Phone number: 01273 760022

John Douglas Music

Name: John Douglas

Phone number: 01387 256479

Email Address:
Johnny Roadhouse Music

Phone number: 0161 273 1000

Email Address:

Liberty Bellows

Name: Tony Kovatch

Phone number: 267-815-4407

Email Address:
O’Neills Of Gortin (Boorinwood Musical Instruments)

Name: Sean O'Neil

Phone number: 07592337754

Email Address:
Pentland Music

Name: David Mackenzie

Phone number: 01847 890566

Petosa Accordions

Name: Peter Le Geyt

Phone number: 02089 776680

Promenade Music

Phone number: 01524 410202

Email Address:

Scotland Accordions

Name: Colin Norton

Phone number: 01738 630 179

Email Address:
The Accordion Shop – Rochdale Store

Name: Chris Lovell

Phone number: 01706 658283
The Accordion Shop – Sunningdale Store

Name: Chris Lovell

Phone number: 01344 873717
The Music Room

Phone number: 01274 852020

Email Address:

The Reed Lounge

Name: Murray Granger

Phone number: 01423 603028

Email Address:
The Squeezebox Shop

Phone number: 01463 741423 or 07917 695938

Email Address:

Vintage Strings and Accordions

Name: John & Jaye Vickers

Phone number: 01242 515949

Email Address:

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