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Learn How To Fix Your Accordion

It must be said we have a shortage in the UK of those that can fix our instruments. It must also be said our accordions are complicated and unless you have a very good idea of what you are doing we would not recommend you try, especially the reeds. That said Peter Le Geyt is running another of his popular Repair training courses in April.

The 2 day course explains the working parts of the accordion and how the treble and bass switches work and common problems. Also reed block configurations, voices, how to undertake minor repairs, including valve replacement, sticky keys and switches, changing bellows gasket and general fault finding. If anyone wishes to bring along an instrument which is need of some attention and can be used as an example then this is encouraged (providing it is not requiring major work). During the course some practical work will be possible. There will also be an overview and explanation of tuning. Materials are provided.

Cost for the 2 days – £110 + current VAT = Total £132

Full detail from Peter Le Geyt – Tel: 020 8977 6680 or email:

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