Blind Boy Given His New Accordion

With thanks to Gary Blair, Roman Jbanow, Bugari and all those that helped with the crowdfunding we can now let you know that ten year old blind boy Roman Semeryak has now been given his new accordion. During a recent Franck Angelis/Roman Jbanov concert in Siberia, young Roman was presented with his Accordion on stage. He is possibly now the happiest boy in the world! The lad and several others also attended a masterclass by Franck the following day. Russians that know about Roman have been amazed at the generosity of people from all parts of the world. In this troubled world perhaps this will go just a little way to encourage the young talent in the accordion world and help strive for world peace through music. Roman and several other kids from Siberia, will soon be travelling to France (along with the new accordion!) to compete and perform in several competitions and concerts.

Below is the accordion presentation video.

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In an update to the article below we can tell you that the total raised now exceeds the amount originally needed. With 19 days to go 61 supporters have pledged a total of £2445.00. Originally it was hoped to raise £8000 for a Bugari accordion fitted with Free Bass for this talented ten year old lad who’s name is Roman Semeryak. This would provide an instrument that would last for decades and certainly be far beyond the means of his family. Since the original appeal Roberto at Bugari has offered to help out and supply the instrument at approximately half price. Three other important benefactors (who have asked to remain anonymous) have also chipped in and donated instruments to be sold. All three instruments have had offers and this brings the total to over £4,000.

The Paris Moscow Duo has also invited Roman and some of the other young talented Siberian players to visit a French accordion festival later in the year and any monies raised over and above that for the new accordion will be used for this trip. We wish them well and hope that one day they will be able to visit and play in the UK.

It is hoped that people will continue to pledge money for this great cause. We will let you know the final total raised towards the accordion and trip to France for the children involved.

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Master musician Gary Blair has just come back from a tour in Siberia of all places. Today he told us about a really talented young Russian blind boy he met who loves the accordion but whose family just does not have enough money to get him an instrument. Currently the lad is able to borrow a second hand accordion for just three days a week to practice on. Gary was so taken by the boy, his personality, his ability and circumstances, he has launched a crowd funding project to help this young musician out. The target is £8,000 and with just 34 backers the amount already raised at the time of writing this article is £1,226.

If you would like to help please visit the fundraising page Gary has set up at where you can make your pledge.

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  • Wonderful story. A good example for what crowdfunding can be good for. Despite the £8,000 were not reached, the final result is definitely better than the former situation, when he had to borrow a second hand accordion. Now he can better improve his skills, probably, because he can do more often (7 days a week instead of 3) what he likes – playing accordion.

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