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NAAFC Festival 43rd Annual Championships Results, March 2017

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Shetland winners
Shetland’s young prize winners with their impressive trophy haul.

The NAAFC Flagship Festival was a resounding success last weekend and approaching 200 visitors invaded the MacDonald Inchyra Hotel, Polmont. Adjudicators for the competition this year were:

Fiddle = Gill Simpson, Iain Anderson, Roddy Matthews

Accordion (Traditional) = Alan Gardiner, Charlie Kirkpatrick, Colin Dewar

Accordion (Classical) – Alistair Gillespie, Paul Capaldi

All the judges had a very difficult job to find the winners amongst what was a very high standard of competitors.

Shetland press recorded an article about some of their local children who travelled to compete in the competition. To round off a great day’s efforts, the winners were also recorded for the BBC’s Take the Floor programme in addition to an earlier appearance on STV Glasgow.

As well as the competitors, Trade stands for Box & Fiddle, Roy Hendrie (Limex & Blue Line midi systems), Scotland Accordions (Scandalli, Musictech, Bugari, Crucianelli, Paolo Soprani, Moreschi, E Soprani, Fisitalia), Highland Accordions (Beltuna, Piatanesi, Serenellini, Ottavianelli, Manfrini) and Alan Shute (Bugari, Salterelle, Allessandrini, Delicia) were in attendance. In addition Marie Fielding had a smashing display of music related hand made cards and gifts. Trader Alan Shute said “All in all it was one of the best trade areas seen at any festival in the UK”! Aside from trade stands thanks should also be passed to ‘Full Scottish’ for playing at the evening dance.

Under 12 Fiddle SoloKirsty Grant
Junior Fiddle Solo – March, Strathspey & ReelKirsty Grant
Junior Fiddle Solo – Slow AirAnya Johnston
Senior Fiddle Solo – Slow Strathspey, March, Strathspey & ReelEllie McLaren
Senior Fiddle Solo – Slow AirShona MacFadyen
Open Fiddle GroupStrings ‘N’ Things
Open Fiddle ChampionshipShona MacFadyen
Open Fiddle Solo – Hornpipe & JigEllie McLaren
Under 10 Accordion Solo (Traditional Music)Inver Shand
Under 12 Accordion Solo (Traditional Music)Clelland Shand
12 & Under 16 Accordion Solo (Traditional Music)Kyle Rowan
Senior Accordion Solo (Traditional Music)Adin Graham
Junior Accordion Solo (Pipe Music)Kyle Rowan
Senior Accordion Solo (Pipe Music)Gary Sutherland
Open Accordion Championship SoloMike Laurenson
Open Button Key Accordion SoloJohn Weaks
Scottish Junior DuetAnya Johnston & Jodie Smith
TriosKyle Rowan
BandsKyle Rowan
Own CompositionJennifer Cruickshank
Open RSCDS (Fiddle & Accordion)Catherine Speight
Under 12 Classical Accordion SoloInver Shand
Under 16 Classical Accordion SoloKyle Rowan
Open Classical Accordion SoloRyan Corbett
Under 13 Classical Accordion DuetClelland & Inver Shand
Under 16 Classical Accordion DuetIndia Smith & Anna Scott
Open Classical Accordion DuetIndia Smith & Anna Scott
Under 12 Classical Polka SoloClelland Shand
Under 16 Classical Polka SoloCamerson McLaren
Open Classical Polka SoloCiorstaidh-Sarah Campbell
Under 12 Classical Musette SoloClelland Shand
Under 16 Classical Musette SoloKyle Rowan
Open Classical Musette SoloCiorstaidh-Sarah Campbell
Open Gaelic Waltz SoloShona MacFadyen
Overall Junior FiddleKirsty Grant
Overall Senior FiddleEllie McLaren
Overall Junior AccordionKyle Rowan
Overall Senior AccordionAdin Graham
Youngest BoyFindlay Graham
Youngest GirlIslay Cathcart

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