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Hohner UK Harmonica Servicing

John Cook

Accordions and Harmonicas have had a long association together. As the joke in the accordion world goes: Q: How many people does it take to play the harmonica? A: Two. One to hold the harmonica and one to operate the Automatic Harmonica Blower. But seriously we thought the following might be of interest to our readers. Hohner Germany have appointed John Cook as the UK’s certified Hohner service technician.

HOHNER have been crafting the highest quality harmonicas since 1857 and have become one of the most established household names in the music industry. To support the growing number of players around the world, Hohner have established a global support network of techicians that they personally train and accredit as having meet the highest standard of competence in servicing and repairing of Hohner Harmonicas. John Cook joins this roster of the world’s best harmonica repairers.

John can be contacted at – Telephone 01708 446644