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Paris Moscow Duo To Appear At Eastbourne

Paris Moscow Duo
Paris Moscow Duo

The Paris Moscow Duo, Roman Jbanov & Domi Emorine, have been working together since 1998 and have had the chance to introduce their music not only to France and Russia but also in many other countries around the world. Denmark, Italy, Poland, China, Portugal, Lithuania, Canada, Norway, Spain, Switzerland all feature amongst their travels. This fabulous duo are coming back to the UK in 2017 and are to appear at the Eastbourne Accordion Festival in February (Friday 10th – Monday 13th).

John Romero who runs Carillon Accordion Festivals said “We are thrilled to have these world champion musicians come and play for us. It will be the first time they have been to one of our events and this fabulous pairing will top a truly international weekend of accordions”.

The duo have a truly astounding CV. Demi Emorine achievements include, Coupe du Monde 1990, Trophée Mondial 1997, Concours International de Klingenthal 1997-1999 and Prix de la Sacem 1993 – 1998. Roman Jbanov achievements include Grand Prize Beloborodov in Tula (Russia) 1993, Scholarship of the President of the Russian Republic in 1994 and the Trophée Mondial 1997 and this list mentions only a few.

If you would like to attend the Eastbourne Festival in February then you can contact John or Jackie Romero at Carillon Festivals on 01606 270148 or book on the Carillon Website.