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Accordions Rising – Film

Accordions Rising

Emmy award-winning filmmaker Roberta Cantow’s toe-tapping new film, Accordions Rising, is now available on general release. This brand new film has now been shown at two film festivals in the US: Cinema on the Bayou in Lafayette Louisiana and The Bare Bones International Music and Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma where it was nominated for Best Music Documentary.  This vibrant film brings cool back to the accordion, delving into the musical resurgence of an instrument not just limited to one man bands and traditional folk but equally at home in diverse genres from classical and jazz to rock and rap.

This music documentary shatters the mistaken notions about accordions and tells the real American accordion story.


Accordions have returned…with a beautiful, eloquent, haunting, and down-right exciting vengeance! Accordions Rising is about the resurgence of interest in accordion music over the last 30-40 years. Although many continue to see the accordion as the stodgy instrument of a bygone era – and accordion jokes abound – this film sets the record straight.

It is the story of the variety, diversity and extraordinary virtuosity of the instrument and the music that it can make. Accordions Rising includes many fascinating individuals, their conversational style interviews, anecdotal commentary and various performance examples. The film makes clear that the so-called accordion world is actually a curious continuum that includes everything from folk and Cajun roots to wacky and kitsch, sophisticated, serious, meditative and post modern. It features: Bruce Sunpie Barnes, William Schimmel; Guy Klucevsek; Will Holshouser; Joshua Camp; Nicole Renaud; Peter Stan; Rachelle Garniez; Pauline Oliveros — well known names in diverse corners of the music world. Not only accordion lovers, but also music lovers and those interested in trends in American culture will be intrigued with this delightful and informative film.

Accordions Rising DVD
Accordions Rising is available on both DVD & Blue Ray

In the course of its various runs, the filmmaker Roberta Cantow has discovered that the so called “accordion world” is anything but monolithic, and that her film, in particular, gives voice to a very unique group of artists who defy definition with performance styles that are outside the box of both classical and traditional.

Acordions Rising has won Awards of Merit at both the Global Accolades Competiton, October, 2015 and the Indie Film Fest, August, 2016.

This fabulous new contribution to the accordion world is now available on both DVD and Blue Ray from the official website where promotional Posters and T shirts are also available.

About the filmmaker

Roberta Cantow
Roberta Cantow

Roberta Cantow was recognized with her first grant from The American Film Institute while still a graduate film student at NYU. Through the years, The New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts and others provided grants for the completion of 4 film works. She received a NY Area Emmy for her film, Clotheslines, about the symbolic and artistic role of laundry in women’s lives. Her films and additional videos have garnered several Best of Category Citations in film festivals around the country as well as an Award of Excellence for Dreamtime, in 2008 and an Award of Merit for Not a Still Life, both in the document-ary category, from the Accolade Competition. Her work has been exhibited in many of the venues for independents, including a presentation in the Cineprobe Series of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Her four 16mm films were selected for archival preservation by the Donnell Media Center, New York City, in 2001. All of her work will be housed in the Sophia Smith Women’s History Collection of Smith College (in perpetuity).

Contact Information for Roberta Cantow
Buffalo Rose Productions
11956 Bernardo Plaza Dr #212
San Diego, CA 92128

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