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Accordion Shop Broken into

The Accordion Shop
The Accordion Shop
Chris and Julia Lovell
Chris and Julia Lovell

The Accordion Shop in Sunningdale has recently been broken into in an overnight raid and a number of valuable instruments were taken. Proprietor Chris Lovell (pictured right with wife Julia) told us “We were away on holiday when we were told by our staff what had happened. We believe that this is highly likely to have been carried out by an organised gang who were aware of the value of the instruments as they have mainly taken only high end Italian built accordions from brands such as Cooperativa, Excelsior, Paolo Soprano and Scandalli. We are pleased to say that we are still open and trading from both the Sunningdale and Rochdale shops, and we still have plenty of accordions in stock”.

Chris went on to say “With security now enhanced we are moving on, however should any of your readers be offered any of the accordions listed below, or are suspicious of any adverts you may see online etc., please contact our Sunningdale shop on 01344 873717. Any information will be appreciated”

Excelsior 72 Bass (Black) – £2500…/excelsior-72-bass-acco…/
Excelsior 1320M 120 Bass (Black) – £3650…/excelsior-1320m-120-ba…/
Cooperativa 508 Elite 120 Bass (Sunburst) – £9995…/cooperativa-508-120-ba…/
Paolo Soprani Agile 96 Bass (Red) – £3450…/paolo-soprani-agile-96…/
Paolo Soprani 80 Bass (Black) – £2995…/paolo-soprani-80-bass-…/
Moreschi 60 Bass B System (Red) – £1695…/moreschi-b-system-60-b…/
Hohner Bravo 72 Bass (Blue) – £1249…/hohner-bravo-iii-72-ba…/
Cooperativa 96 Bass 4V Musette (Black) – £4995…/cooperativa-96-bass-ac…/
Cooperativa 96 Bass 4V Musette Double Cassotto (Black) – £6950…/cooperativa-96-bass-co…/
Cooperativa 96 Bass 34 Key Bass (Black) £3995* (circa*) – TBC **Same in link but without the Jewels**…/cooperativa-96-bass-co…/
Paolo Soprani Professionale 96 Bass 37 Key (Black) – £4495 **Accordion stolen is identical to one in image but with 3 extra piano keys and slightly larger**…/paolo-soprani-professi…/
Paolo Soprani Super Paolo Double Cassotto 96 Bass 37 Key (Black) – £5495 **Accordion stolen is identical to one in image but with 3 extra piano keys and slightly larger**…/paolo-soprani-96-bass-…/
Paolo Soprani 72 Bass 34 Key (Black) – £2500 **Accordion stolen is identical to one in image but slightly larger**…/paolo-soprani-72-bass-…/
Excelsior 940 120 Bass (Black) – £6995 **Accordion stolen looks very similar to one in image, but is a different model. The stolen instrument is slightly smaller and with less couplers/switches**…/excelsior-596-120-bass…/
Zero Sette 120 Bass (Black) – £1495…/zero-sette-120-bass-ac…/
Elka 120 Bass (Black) – £1495…/elka-120-bass-accordion/
Hohner Vox Atlantic 120 Bass (Black) – £995…/hohner-vox-4p-hohner-a…/
Cooperativa 120 Bass Scottish Mussette (Black) – £3850…/cooperativa-musette-12…/
Vermona Supita 120 Bass (Black) – £1895…/vermona-supita-iv-120-…/
Giulietti 47 120 Bass (Red) – £1295…/giulietti-47-120-bass-…/
Musictech Music Maker 120 Bass Midi Accordion (White) – £3500…/music-maker-digital-50-wirel…
Cooperative 72 Bass Diamante 400B (Black) – £2750…/cooperativa-400b-diama…/
Excelsior 940 120 Bass (Black) – £1995…/excelsior-940-120-bass…/
Excelsior AC 120 Bass (Black) – £3500 **Stock image taken from official website**…
Fantini 120 Bass (Sparkly Metallic Green) – £2995 **Stock image of similar model**
Fratelli Crosio 120 Bass (Black) – £1995…/fratelli-crosio-120-ba…/
Galanti B/C 2 Row Melodion (Red) – £995…/galanti-bc-2-row-melod…/
Bugari 120 Bass Free Bass Converter (Black) – £2995 **Very similar model in link below**…/produc…/popup_images/194_3.JPG
Paolo Soprani Super Paolo 120 Bass Double Cassotto (Black) – £3495…/paolo-sopranio-super-p…/
Sonola Acousta 120 Bass (Black) – £1495
Scandalli Super VI 120 Bass (Black) – £6750…/scandalli-super-vi-120…/
Scandalli Scott Wood Four 120 Bass (White) – £495 **Stolen accordion just like the one in the link but without a curved keyboard**…/scandalli-scott-wood-f…/
Horner Verdi V 120 Bass (Black) – £1250…/horner-verdi-v-cb-120-…/
Horner Verdi V 120 Bass (Grey Pearl) – £750 **Almost identical reference image in link below to stolen accordion**…/HohnerVerdi…/hohnerverdiiv1.jpg
Excelsior 1320 120 Bass (Black) – £1995 **Same model of accordion in link below but without the electronic extras**…/excelsior-1320-em-120-…/
Giulietti 47 120 Bass (Black) – £1675…/giulietti-model-47-120…/
Excelsior Classic 120 Bass (Black) – £1995 **Almost identical reference image in link below to stolen accordion**…/g/XwkAAOSwtnpXp5UE/s-l225.jpg

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