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New York Accordion Picnic

Bryant Park
Bryant Park

Bryant Park in New York has announced its first ever Accordion Picnic! Stretch out on one of the free picnic blankets on the lawn and enjoy the fabulous atmosphere created by 24 accordionists performing intimate concerts.

As you sit and relax, accordionists perform 15-minute concerts of music from all over the world including Argentina, the Balkans, Brazil, Colombia, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Louisiana, Russia, South Asia, the Ukraine, and more.

Bryant Park will provide picnic blankets for free or you can bring your own. Plus food and drink is available for purchase. Picnicking has never been easier – or more worldly.

Featuring Accordionists: Alma Mia, Maestro Tito Castro, Akbar Chaudhry, Matt Dallow, Papa Joe De Clemente, Melissa Allege, Vitor Conclaves, Mark Hamza, Felipe Hostins, Amy Kohn, Erica Mancini, Kenny Margolis, Alan Morrow, Christy McNamara, Shoko Nagai, Phil Passantino, Sam Reider, Eva Salina, Mikhail Smirnov, Dmitry Sokolovsky, Mary Spencer Knapp, Michael Spudic, Brooke Watkins

As part of the Accordions Around the World series, these picnic events will be held every Wednesday, June 29 – August 31st.

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We think this is a great idea and the concept should be rolled out here in the UK as well!

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