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Scandalli Super VI Extreme accordion
Scandalli Super VI Extreme accordion

Castelfidardo has a strong reputation for manufacture although economics, global change and factory splits, mergers and closures have always been part of the accordion industry there.  The top producers seek opportunities to perfect their instruments, for example the seriously good concert performer’s instrument the Scandalli Super VI Extreme which has one of the longest production runs of any accordion and is currently supplied to Scotland Accordions.

Beltuna Prestige accordion
Beltuna Prestige accordion

Castelfidardo is renowned for quality accordion manufacture and although output is lower than at its peak, the industry is still very strong.  The majority of serious players prefer European made instruments, especially from the main centre of production at Castelfidardo, Italy.  Top end instruments are now more favoured in Castelfidardo.

While there are a great many companies connected with accordion manufacture and development only comparatively few build the whole accordion.  At the other end of the scale some brands are simply rebadging bought in accordions.

Figure 4 Scandalli factory external
The Scandalli Factory

At the present time several producers are notable for their quality, volume of production and ability to build whole accordions.  The larger producers have modern factories.  In a recent visit to Scandalli and Beltuna, there was clear evidence of very busy order books.  On the other hand there was evidence of some ‘quiet factories’ e.g. Borsini, Ballone Burini and Vignoni where production has, at this time, stopped.  The landscape does change and there have been examples of factories or brands restarting in the past.

Pasco Preparation bench

The really strong message is that if you want a very high quality and often bespoke instrument then the real manufacturing perfectionists can be found in Castelfidardo.  Producers of such high quality instruments would be at a competitive disadvantage if not located at Castelfidardo because of the incredible support of the component specialists in the town and surrounding areas.  The traditional crafts are evident throughout the town.  Many of the businesses are family businesses and partnerships often with good continuity between generations and a promising future.  It is a good time to buy an Italian accordion from one of the top brands with excellent build quality, superlative finishes and a sound second to none.

The above account is not intended to be a complete account but some examples of the current direction of the industry in Castelfidardo, and we are grateful to our friends at Scotland Accordions for their review.