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German Harmonica and Accordion Museum Reopens After Refurbishment

The German Harmonica and Accordion Museum has recently been reopened. Nearly 25,000 different Harmonicas from all over the world are represented in all aspects and variations, many having a high cultural and historic value. The ingenuity and adaption of current trends which created models like the ‘Zeppelin’ and ‘Banana’ Harmonica are displayed in a modern well designed setting and are lovingly preserved by curator Martin Huffier and make up the largest single collection in the world

There is also a huge permanent display of some 500 square metres with a large variety of Piano and Diatonic Accordions, as well as the history of these fabulous instruments. You can see the construction of the instruments and the history of their cultural development. The museum tour ends with an attractive multi-media room where movies, documentaries and lectures are also given.

It is a fascinating visit where you will find the story of Matthias HOHNER, his rise to fortune and the assimilation of his numerous competitors. The museum in Bau V, was the former factory building on the original HOHNER factory site.

The first Hohner accordion, 1903
The first Hohner accordion, 1903

Dates and facts:

1857: HOHNER started the manufacturing of harmonicas;

1867: HOHNER starts exporting harmonicas to the USA – by the end of the 19th century the export quota exceeds 80%.

1900: Matthias Hohner passes his company to his five sons: 1,000 employees manufacture four million harmonicas per year.

1901: Hans Hohner founds the HOHNER US Department in New York. 1903: the first HOHNER Accordion is released in the US.

Ernst Hohner with accordions, 1920
Ernst Hohner with accordions, 1920

1920: The founder’s grandson Dr. Ernst Hohner (1886 – 1965) joins the executive board. 4.000 employees produce 20 million harmonicas per year.

1928: Venanzio Morino comes to Trossingen and leads the accordion department to a golden age.

The Hohner Accordion orchestra, 1931
The Hohner Accordion orchestra, 1931

1931: In the middle of the century’s biggest accordion boom with hundreds of accordion orchestras, HOHNER founds the HOHNER Music Publishing House, the DHV (German Harmonica Association) and the HOHNER Conservatoire.

1956: Giovanni Gola becomes head of the accordion department and sets new standards in the high-end premium segment.

1991: Opening of the German Harmonica Museum in Trossingen.


Deutsches Harmonikamuseum

Hohnerstraße 4/1

78647 Trossingen


Phone: +497425-21623


Opening times

Tuesday to Friday, Sundays and on holidays:

1.30 – 5.00 pm

except 24.12., 25.12. and 31.12. Guided tour is always possible, must be prebooked.


Adults – 5,- €

Concession – 4,- €

Family – 10,- €

Guided tours

1 – 9 persons – Flat fee of 80,- €

10 – 25 persons – 40,- € flat fee + 4,- € per participant

26 or more persons – 60,- € flat fee + 4,- € per participant

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  • The picture with Ernst Hohner can’t date back to 1920!!!
    There are many accordion models on shelves looking in 1950s fashion … even a button Morino.

    Best Regards,
    Rok Šalamun – Slovenia

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