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New Cooperativa London 72 Bass Accordion (Video & Review)

There is a brand new accordion in the UK fresh from the Cooperativa factory!

The Cooperativa London Super Ballo is an extremely lightweight and compact 72 bass accordion – making it a very strong contender for accordionists looking to save weight. At 7.7kg (17.9lbs), the new model somehow manages to save weight without sacrificing tone. And, we were pleased to hear there is no loss in the build quality expected from the Italian manufacturer.

Cooperativa have a little trick up their sleeve when it comes to making compact accordions, and it’s unique to them. It’s called “Super Ballo” and it is a unique extended keyboard system which means the accordion can have the usual 34 full size treble keys – but in a casework that is as compact as possible. As you can see, the London 72 Bass model is a very similar size to a smaller 26 key 48 bass instrument!

Of course, having come from the family run Italian factory, this little accordion is packed full of the usual Cooperativa hallmarks. Excellent quality reeds, a low treble action and extremely responsive bellows make it ideal for all styles of music. The standard models we will see in the UK are finished in a very attractive high gloss black or pearl white casing, but we are reliably informed other colour options will be available on request.

The London 72 Bass has been created especially for The Accordion Shop and it’s certainly well worth considering if you’re in the market for a compact, full range, accordion.

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