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Off to a Fantastic Start!

We hope you are enjoying the new website? We’ve been watching the visitor stats and the response has been fantastic already! But beyond the statistics, the most rewarding thing for us has been the overwhelming number of calls and emails. Your support is hugely appreciated.

We love hearing from you –  feel free to give us a call on 0330 043 1674 (standard UK local call rate), or email us through the contact page.

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Accordion Central is a not for profit venture aimed at helping the accordion world. Help us continue making a difference in the Accordion World by making a donation. Click on the Donate button below and all payments will go to help the running of Accordion Central.

Help Us, Help You!

If you have news or information about the accordion world that is not on AccordionCentral then we need to know. Help us stay up to date, email or call now!