New Festival For Bournemouth

Carillon Festivals have announced they will be running a new Bournemouth Festival this year (21st – 23rd October 2016). This is to run in conjunction with the Winbourne Competition day on Saturday 22nd october which is being organised by Sammie Catling and Nigel Pasby.

Carillon have booked the Hallmark Hotel on Bournemouth Westcliff as their venue. This fully featured 4 star hotel has two pools, spa and gym to compliment the event. Some of the competition winners will be invited to perform their entries to the live Saturday evening audience in order to experience the full stage lighting and big screen projection of the weekend.

Professional players such as Harry Hussey, Rosemary Wright and Gennaro Fiondella attending the festival will also be helping out at the competition venue so as to give an extra dimension to this exiting competition day.

More information can be found on the Carillon Festivals website. We are currently awaiting competition details and will bring them to you as soon as possible.

News Update:

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control Carillon are now not able to run this festival. In a statement from John Romero he said “We were about to sign contracts and pay the deposit to the hotel when they informed us they would not honour the agreement they had made with us. We are deeply disappointed and have been unable to find another hotel for 2016 in Bournemouth. We are currently negotiating with another venue with the aim of running a 2017 festival in Bournemouth and as soon as it is confirmed we will announce the event.”

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